What is Potluck Stay?

Potluck stay is a travel & cultural exchange program where you can invite foreign friends and provide them with local tips or (if you are willing) your accommodation during their trip to earn points. You can spend and get those points back when you visit anyone back. This way, travelers can experience the local culture first hand and also benefit the host by gaining a new friend overseas.

If you are traveling overseas, using Potluck Stay, you can travel around with the guidance of a local friend, thus you will able to experience a genuine local experience and avoid tourist traps. You can also stay with your local friend although this is up to the host to decide ^^. With all these great advantages, Potluck Stay will help you save a significant amount of your traveling budget and make lots of foreign friends!

In order to provide safe travel exchange experience, Potluck Stay checks personal information of each Potluck Stay member with multiple procedures.
If a member voluntarily provides its personal information, personal information status will appear on its profile so other members can see and send friend request.

The responsibility of safety and illness treatment during the trip lies on the traveler. We will not be responsible in case of injury during your travels but we will take action if any bad incident occurs through someone you meet through our website. Saying that, travelling with Potluck Stay is safe once you know the person you are going to spend with better by messaging thru the website.

Although staying at a local friends house will help you better in having a genuine cultural exchange experience, providing lodging service is not compulsory and it is up entirely to the host.

Potluck Stay is an exchange service. Through the site you can provide lodging to your friends and when you visit them, you can stay in their house in return. 

Potluck Stay members can collect and use the points by participating in the exchange service. You can also do an in-site purchase if you need more points.

You can still apply for Potluck Stay travel. You don't need to let them stay if you can't due to personal reason.

We strongly recommend you to communicate with your local friend through our messaging service or video call before the trip. You can check the room and town you will be staying at and you can also see if your local friend is the right one and fits your personality. If you choose to meet 2~3 local friends during your trip, you will able to have more diverse and rich local culture experience.

Put yourself in the shoes of others. How do you want people to see you. Always be sincere and not be too personal when filling up your profile.

Tips: Exciting stuffs around your cities
Basic introduction of yourself (name,from,job etc.)
Things you are interested in
Why you apply for potluckstay etc.

We are recommending friends based on travel date, gender, and similar interests and jobs.