Journey to my friend!

Stay at a local friend’s place when you travel, and provide your place in return when they travel to your country.
Even if you can’t provide your house, you can still participate as a guest (traveler) or host (local friend).

Get Started

How to use Potluck Stay

1. Become a Member

Register to become a Potluck Stay Member. Complete your profile and settings thoroughly to appeal to other Members.

2. Add Friends to Interested List

Check the profiles of recommended Members and add them to the “Interested” list.

3. Add Friends

From the “Interested” list, choose friends who are actually willing to engage in exchange with you and request to Add Friends.

4. Talk with Friends

Strike up a conversation with your new friend via the messenger.

5. Register itinerary

Discuss plans for the trip on the messenger so that the host can make recommendations.
(Be sure to be very clear and avoid any confusion. Exchange the plan and feedback to confirm. Once everything is set, register the itinerary on the Potluck Stay activities page.)

6. Visiting your friend

Stay in touch through the messenger and maintain your friendship until you finally get to meet in person.