Exchange Procedure From making friends to taking journey

How to use Potluck Stay

1. Become a Member

Register to become a Potluck Stay Member.
Complete your profile and settings thoroughly to appeal to other Members.

2. Search Members

Search for members who meet the conditions of cities, hobbies, and travel styles.

3. Add Friends

Look up your membership information on the search list and apply for friendship.

4. Talk with Friends

Strike up a conversation with your new friend via the messenger.

5. Confirm Availability

Discuss with new your friend on the messenger to see if they're willing to visit, host, or both.

6. Translation App

Even if there's a language barrier, the translation app will take care of basic communication.

7. Share Interest

Talk about what you do for a living, what your hobbies are, and what you'd like to do on the trip.

8. Accompanied Tour

To have your local host accompany you on your cultural experience, you'll need to coordinate things in detail ahead of time.

9. Direct meet

If your host cannot show you around, set aside some time for dinner or a coffee to have a conversation.

10. Plus One

If you're bringing someone along, be sure to check with the host prior to the visit to make things easier for each other.

11. Background Check

Once you decide to visit and host each other, exchange your address and contact information for a final check.

12. Exchange Videos and Pictures

Share videos and pictures on the messenger to reassure each other and check a few basic things about each other.

13. Register Itinerary

Discuss your travel plan with your friend so he or she can make some "local's recommendations.

14. Reconfirm

Exchange itineraries with each other for one final time to clear any confusions or misunderstanding.

15. Spend the Night Together

If you're a host, offering your room or an area of the house will let you spend more quality time together and grow close.

16. Sleep in Other Places

If you are the host and cannot provide the space to stay, the visitor is directed to another commercial lodge in the vicinity.

17. Cultural study

To facilitate friendlier communication with each other, the host and visitors should learn more about each other’s countries and regions, including geography, history, culture, customs, religions, basics, local language, and expressions.

18. Visiting your friend

Stay in touch through the messenger and maintain your friendship until you finally get to meet in person.